Over 270 Submissions for Japanese Canadian Historic Places

Thank you for speaking up and submitting nominations for Japanese Canadian historic places. The deadline was November 30. Heritage BC reports that over 270 submissions were received and will be reviewed. We will keep you posted as we receive information.

Speaking out about our collective concern about the short timeline for the nominations for Japanese Canadian historical places was effective. On September 8, 2016, Heritage BC announced an extended deadline to November 30, 2016.

On July 7, 2016, the Province of BC announced a call for nominations for historically significant Japanese Canadian places in British Columbia to be officially recognized. The deadline was set for September 9, 2016. The NAJC and GVJCCA along with other Japanese Canadian groups and individuals were concerned and spoke up about the short timeline. We wanted to ensure as many people as possible would have the opportunity to hear about the call and submit nominations. We created a Facebook page, JC Sites BC, to provide a forum for discussion and sharing information about the nominations process. We also set up a document so we can try to track nominations made and in progress. Seeing where there are gaps may encourage people to submit nominations and help each other so that important historical sites are not being missed. Please see the September edition of The Bulletin for more information and JC Sites BC on Facebook.

Tents at Bayfarm. Photo courtesy of Nikkei National Museum.